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Power Zone is uniquely designed for each individual to strengthen their mental skills for achieving personal bests in life.

Achieving your personal best focuses on strengthening your mind skills and relationships. In the “Power Zone,” females and males achieve their personal bests. Through understanding and strengthening your mind skills and connections, the Power Zone is well within your reach.

Whether in sport, work, or life, individuals benefit from understanding their blocks and methods for improving them. Though this improvement, an individual strives to set up goals toward personal bests. In all endeavors, mental skills are critical to growth and achievement.

Dr. Joan Steidinger,
CC-AASP,  USOC Registry of Sports Psychology


Dr. Joan Steidinger (CA PSY 12505) is a licensed psychologist, sport psychologist,  Certified Consultant by the Association of Applied Sports psychology and on the USOC Registry of Sports Psychology.  She specializes in sports and peak performance psychology, public safety officers (police and fire), depression & anxiety, women’s issues, addiction problems, life transitions, and stress/post traumatic stress (PTSD). She has worked with athletes, musicians, dancers, and other performing artists focusing on performance, injury concerns & adjustments, and personal issues.

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  • P ositive Thought Habits
  • O perate with Confidence
  • W ork with Motivation
  • E nergize your Focus
  • R ehearse Mental or Visual



Client Testimonials

  • “Thanks to Dr. Steidinger’s compassion, commitment and expertise, I was able to work through major professional and personal obstacles. Today, I’ve become a successful businesswoman. Dr. Steidinger helped me discover and develop the qualities in myself that allowed me to acquire my own firm.”

    - Owner, Venture Capital Firm

  • “With Dr. Steidinger’s help, I truly learned about intimacy and emotional expression, and learned to be friends with women.”

    - Former NFL Player

  • “Through help and guidance, Dr. Steidinger gave me a new lease on life and an opportunity to live more fully in a way I’d always dreamed of.”

    - Human Resources Consultant



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